Bastyhen, The world we live in.

“Crew, I don’t much care why yer ‘ere, nor what you think ye’ ll be gainin’ from yer service. Avast, what I be carein’ about be a might simpler then all that. From ‘ere on out all that matters is what ye can do, and what ye can’t do.
Can ye sail under a pirate flag?
A symbol to which all shall brag.
Can ye follow orders to the tip?
Death’ll find those givin’ any lip.
Can ye cross blades again and again?
Give no quarter or fall like many men.
Can ye pilfer, pillage, and plunder?
Any resistance torn asunder.
Can ye greed for treasure and lust for flesh?
Months at sea’ll keep desires fresh.
Can ye die fer the crew?
Every man shall face his due.
So every last one of you blimey bilge rats who think you’ve got what it takes to sail these open seas against any law I welcome ye aboard me Xophai. Weigh anchor and drop sail! Course be set and there ain’t no turnin’ back now!”

The Infamous
Commodore “Auto” Verloren

Fable Element

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