Fable Element

Captain's Log (282:11th)

Our adventure began on the small isle of Sin, a chaotic haven for black hearts and cutthroats. This lawless city had been recently invaded by an off shore military force from the Athect kingdom. After several attempts to unite the townsfolk against the invasion individually the party was having staggered luck. A strange pirate captain who made bay of Sin returns to find his beloved city threaten by order. He recruited as many as he could and called the leader of the guards, a bitter dwarf named Gwen, to fight him for the town. A lone white knight stepped up and somehow managed to “slay” the pirate and convince the Athect army to leave. Only to find out this pirate was far from dead, or even living for that matter. Back in action the pirate captain recruits the help of the party once more.
The party gathers aboard the pirate’s ship and sail for the Marq, home of the army that tried to overthrow Sin. Some sail willingly others, such as our beloved white knight, find themselves press-ganged with no hope of return. Strange happenings aboard his vessel draw out a shifty man with the ability to form into other beings. They recruit him at the threat of his life and finally arrive on the banks of Croak.
The group disembarks from the ship to traverse the dangerous frog ridden swamp of Croak. The adventure proves to be rather uneventful aside from a rest stop that gained them two more crew members. They make it to the mouth of the Whispering Halls and finally take their first action as a unified group, even if it was only roll call. The continue onward through the caves when suddenly they are ambushed by several grey skinned creatures.
Flashes of light ripple through the cave as their eager wizard set most the Grimlocks, and even a few of his allies, ablaze. The battle rages while a mysterious half breed enters the cave from the North. She more than proves herself in combat and the pirate manages to convince her to tag along for the time being. They exit the cave and the groups’ angelic tracker leads them north. They camp for the night after the long travel and they get much needed rest.
After their long fumble through a mind numbing forest maze Ianto acquired a new mysterious shield. The Find as it is called can so the position of anyone who has ever touched. During the aimless lost wondering
The pirate captain decided to split the crew into two separate groups. One led by him to gather what he needed to from each temple. The other group led by his faithful Bo’sun Anaksonamun, who was to lead the group from town to town recruiting a massive army to wage war on the Athect kingdom. The Captain’s group headed to the temple of Sloth in search of the first element. With a rather uneventful voyage they arrive just as day breaks and decide to rest for the night and enter in the morning.
The Bo’sun and her half of the crew arrive in the nearby village of Shinu where the changling causes a rather large disturbance. Their leader abandons the group for a moment only to get knocked out by a mysterious and even stranger man. The whole group ends up caught in the home of Joker, a very quirky alchemist, who questions them vigorously. With careful planning and teamwork they managed to get themselves all put to sleep by this paranoid alchemist and his strange potions.
Group A, as the Group led by Anaksonamun will hereby be known as, awoke to find the quirky man that they had found actually knew the Captain and was in fact an important ally to him. After a brief and uninformative questioning they began to head to the town of Wall to recover a stolen item of the Alchemist’s. During their exhausting track through the barren desert the group stumbles across an enormous pyramid. They decide to investigate and temporarily split up to find its entrance.
Group V headed straight to the fire temple known as Sloth. They entered to meet a strange new ally. This mysterious cleric had a vast knowledge of religion, but wouldn’t share the details of his journey. After Verloren and Titan searched the room for several minutes the captain comments on the lack of fire in this temple of fire. Dragon lights a torch to reveal a lack luster Genie in the center of the room. It speaks to them and offers them what the captain desires if they can answer at least one of his five riddles. He also tells them they will have even greater rewards if they can answer all five, and will die if they answer none. After answering three out of five rights with the help of their newest member the Genie changes the odds and bets all or death against one final question. With seconds to spare the Captain answers and the group each receive a limited fire-based wish. They leave and head southeast to the next temple.
Group V reaches the light temple Gluttony. After a minor mining mishap the group engaged in a gruesome battle against a strange crystalline creature. After the unbelievably simple fight the new cleric began healing the group. This seemingly helpful act made the Captain unease and caused him to fire aimlessly at the ceiling. Yet another heal causes a second, much larger, Ooze creature to descend from above. So began another much tougher fight against a creature who would tug at the groups very souls.
Group V waged a tiring battle against the strange Ooze monster. They finally took down the creature of light with Captain, Titan, and Tielen inside it. Its jelly like structure pulses in an explosive finale. The three captive and Dragon get covered in this substance and soon find they have gained new, and maybe even fatal, resistance and healing. With both the temples so far proving much more then this half group could handle the Captain lead the group to where his insight lead him to believe Anaksonamun and the rest of the group might be.
Group A managed their way into the pyramids of Marq. Once inside things got a little hectic had some members of the group began causing trouble just after entering. A fight within the group breaks the long silence of the dark corridors. Meanwhile Anaksonamun, Layjin, and Roland split off to stumble onto a room filled with the treasure beyond imagine. The group finally calms down and gathers again. They continue to explore and soon find the burial chamber of the Pharaoh Phayne. After a long cautious examination Layjin takes a necklace from the mummified pharaoh’s hand and they make their way out. Back on track they head to the town of Wall. They are given easy entrance to this strange fortress town to much surprise. This town is soon reviled as more of a religious cult than your average community. The trouble stirring changling finally bit off more than he could chew when he tried to mimic and kill a couple in the town’s inn. All his attempts falling short he finally met his match as they both restlessly assaulted him with religious energy. His vision fades out and his very life maybe on the line.
The Captain and his half of the group arrive at the town of Wall just in time to see the changling Shael and pirate Loki tied to decorative crosses on a large church wall. The captain was certainly rethinking his choices in companions so far. As they approach it seemed Ianto and Anaksonamun had the situation under control. The two of them managed to talk the two of the crew down, even after they both had caused so many disturbances. Unfortunately for them the wizard Dragon was in the mood to test a few troublesome theories. One of being how easily man’s mind could be swayed. With a few accusing words and a spell or two Dragon had insisted a returning hatred and distrust in the crowd around everyone. The captain had enough and wanted to get out of this confining town as soon as possible. He used his charm and persuasive nature to calm everyone down enough to make a getaway. All seemed like a peaceful get away… until a mishap with Dragon leaves a live bomb in the befuddled crowd. With the explosion causing massive devastation there was no talking their way out of this one. Loki and Shael race back toward the church in search of belongings that we’re taken from them. As always though they end up in much deeper than they expected. Shael is knocked out again and Loki is left to fend off four priests alone. The rest of the group bands together around their Captain as he chants a billowing pirate tune to give courage and pride to his crew. Anaksonamun is outraged by the acts of senseless violence around her. After finally acquiring the liquid that was requested of them Anaksonamun and Layjin plead with the Captain to leave the town in peace. Those fighting around him would disagree with halting the massacre they are unleashing on the defending guards and priests. Baraim leads the damage as he brutally weakens five men with ease. Torn between his hatred for previous zealots and his respect he feels for Anaksonamun he decides to evacuate. He sends Anaksonamun to retrieve Loki and Shael. She arrives to find one knocked out and the other in potential danger. In a single swift and graceful attack she passed through the church and knocked the priests unconscious. She throws Shael over her shoulder and yells at Loki to follow, which he does only after collecting the missing items. Anaksonamun returns to the group and demands the retreat. Captain Verloren chants a simple spell and the whole party vanishes from the town.
They reappear back in the desert. A bit confused and distraught they have no choice but to follow the Captain as he heads back to the town of Shinu. After several days travel they arrive and the captain has a devastating reunion with Joker. The Captain finds out that the Town of Sin is yet again under siege. In a furious rage he storms out of town and heads to a boat that is docked north of town. The crew, most unaware of the problem, follow rushed behind him. They dock on the boat and head back to where it all began. With Shael always getting into so much trouble the party thought it best to have Layjin keep him in a magical slumber the entire voyage. They arrive at the docks outside of Sin after a long but uneventful journey. Captain Verloren wants to rush in and liberate his town… but the group restraints him and tries to formulate a plan. After a long time discussing they had split into groups and Ianto, Silk, Loki, Tielen are magically turned invisible by Layjin’s wards. This invisible group is to go in first and get the entire town’s population out of town. Anaksonamun, Roland, Titan wait at the town’s gate escorting people out and defeating any guards who might chase or inquire. Dragon and Layjin stay back casting spells and wards waiting for a signal from the Captain. They finally wake the changling and the Captain comes up with a cunning plot to be escorted into town by “Gwen” himself. Verloren and Baraim were to be escorted into town by Shael disguised as Gwen, but the true motive of the plan was just for Verloren to get himself into town. With the rushed plan in motion one fatal flaw is easily spotted. Verloren was already “dead”. So the guards immediately suspected this array. Verloren took off on his own leaving Baraim and Shael to continue their act in the center of town. Verloren rescues the few remaining town’s people and gives the signal by shooting up into the air. Dragon unleashes several blasts from a new four barrel cannon he had created on the voyage here. It blasted through the barracks and demolishes it. He sends the next three shots to the town are other gates, effectively trapping all the Athect men inside of town. Now the real battle would begin.
After a surprisingly simple battle in which Dragon blasted most of the foes with cannon fire the group notices that the pirate and Anaksonamun have not returned. The people they had saved saw them heading north and lost track of them. The group argues for a while then boards the boat they had just arrived on and leave. Led by Titan with several disagreements they head to the northwest to Queen’s Cove where Titan is from. They dock on the west side of the island and quickly return to the boat after discussing the quickest way to Titan’s home town. They sail south around the island to try and dock on the east side. They spot several crude ships as they head north alongside land. Dragon thinks it best to say hello, although he does so by firing at them several times. Sure enough they come along to return the favor. With panic on deck the group manages to crash the boat into the side of a cliff, not until managing to sink one of the two ship attacking them. To make matters worse they opposing ship’s crew turn out to be vicious Trolls. One of them sneaks aboard and curses Dragon with some unknown magic. Luckily for the party the trolls seem more interested in dismantling their ship rather than killing them all. That is until the group begins assaulting one of them relentlessly. It rages and chases after them as they head north up Queen’s Cove. Just as they thought they had avoided trouble Titan is almost taken down by a small pack of wolves. Ianto suffers damage as well and ends up passed out in a pile of filth. The group tires to patch up Titan and manage to pull him out of a coma. They sleep only to wake up to Ianto yelling and lighting their Troll friend ablaze. He was hopping to distract the troll long enough for everyone to get away, when in fact it would be the death of him. Ianto is axe-handled by the massive creature and is instantly dead beyond any hope. A long and painful battle is all that manages to take the troll down. The fire that Ianto had started before being horrifyingly massacre is raging out of control. Titan picks up Ianto’s body and the group rushes to the nearest town. All except Loki manage to stay together. Loki wanders his way to an enormous crystalline structure east from where the rest of the group is. With his stubborn determination he gets himself sucked into the structure and is frozen solid. As the rest of the group passes the growing forest fire something supernatural happens and a super nova goes off for miles and miles. Although it appeared to be have enough force to rip everyone in half nothing is affected by this phantom event. They arrive at town and find out something is very wrong with Ianto’s body. It appears to be that of a changling. Titan buries it just outside the village and Baraim leaves back to where Ianto was killed to find his real body. As he’s out there a new very strange little creature wanders up to the battle in search of his long time first Loki. He stumbles across Baraim and after a brief conflict manage to agree to help one another. Meanwhile back at town Titan had abandons the group after learning his childhood friend was missing. The rest of the group is left to wander the frosty forest town of Lent. All seemed at a loss aside form Dragon who found meaning in stitching together the remains of several bodies to make himself a new friend. The group has been wandering aimlessly in Lent for days trying plan their next action. Baraim had an enlightening experience as he honored the late Ianto’s body. He crafted head stone and engraved it with a few words & the symbol of Ianto’s god. After stumbling on Athos, the newest and yet another bazaar member of the crew Titan decided it was time to step up and make amends. He called everyone to the town hall. There he asked for forgiveness for leading them to this place and abandoning them. The shocking revelation had everyone stunned. Finally together again as a group they would formulate a new plan. Unfortunately mischief had ensued and the whole party, aside from Titan is mysteriously forced to dance in circles until they passed out do to exhaustion. This display was rather unnerving to Titan who took it as a great insult. Just as they all fell from exhaustion Titan cast a spell to stick them where they lie. He wondered around for a moment contemplating his next action. As the group began to awake it was a race against the clock before someone lashed out at all the infighting. It this case it was Tielen who couldn’t take the restraint. flashbacks of her past flood her mind and askew her judgement. In a panic she lights a bomb and tosses it at her capture, Titan. He brutishly knocked it back down where it went off causing devastation to the group. Three members were killed in the blast and several severely harmed. Sonya, a local close to Titan’s family is drawn in to the mess and demands that everyone leave the town and never return. Distraught and enraged they storm off to where a vessel was said to be. They trek through thick woods as far as they can in a day. At the end of the night the group finally comes to terms with all that has happened prior to now. They make packs and bond with one another more then they ever had before. The plan was set to return to Sin to find the Captain and try to focus on taking Athect once more.


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