Ianto dre Mara

  • Attributes
    IQ: 12
    ME: 24
    MA: 15
    PS: 11
    PP: 15
    PE: 9
    PB: 34
    SPD: 17
  • Vitals & Combat
    HP/SDC: 25 / 6
    ISP/PPE: 178 / 20
    Number of Attacks/Initiative: 4 / 0
    Strike/Damage: 0 / 0
    Dodge/Parry/Roll: 2 / 2 / 2
  • Saves
    Save VS Magic/Ritual: 0 / 0
    Save VS Poisons/Drugs: 0 / 0
    Save VS Insanity/Possession: 0 / +5
    Save VS Horror Factor: +3
    Save VS Coma/Death: 0
  • Weapons & Armor
    Elegant Captain’s Cutlass: 1d12+4
    Whip: 1D6, 10ft
    Kick: 2D4
    Studded Leather: AR 13, SDC 38, 15lbs, -0?% Prowl,
  • Weapon Proficiencies & Skills
    Sword: Str +1,
    Whip: Par N/A,
  • OCC Skills
    Native Language: Malique Human = 98%
    Speak: Dwarf = 65%
    Speak: Troll = 65%
    Mathematics: Basic = 75%
  • Elective Skills
    Intelligence = 48%
    Lore: Religion = 50%
    Literacy: 50%
    Escape Artist = 40%
    Sign Language = 40%
    Shipwright = 34%
  • Secondary Skills
    Interrogation Techniques = 30
    Horsemanship: Paladin = 55/50%
    Running = -
  • Special Skills
  • Special Abilities
    Shape Changing Ability: Changling
  • Psionics
    Commune with Spirits: 8 ISP
    Meditation: 0 ISP
    Mind Block: 4 ISP
    See Aura: 6 ISP
    Sixth Sense: 2 ISP
    Total Recall: 2 ISP
    Telepathy: 4 ISP
    Alter Aura: 2 ISP
    Ectoplasm: (Varies)
    Impervious to Cold: 2 ISP
    Impervious to Fire: 4 ISP
    Nightvision: 4 ISP
    Summon Inner Strength: 4
    Teleport Object: 10 ISP
    Deaden Pain: 4 ISP
    Psychic Diagnosis: 4 ISP
    Psychic Surgery: 14 ISP
    Bio-Manipulation: 10 ISP
    Bio-Regen (Super): 20 ISP
    Insert Memory: 25 ISP
    Cause Insanity: 30 ISP
    Invisible Haze: 30 ISP
    Mind Bolt: (Varies)
    Pyrokinesis: (Varies)
    Electrokinesis: (Varies)
    Telekinesis (Super): 10+
  • Magic
  • Inventory
    On Hand:

Name/True name: Vaegyth / Ianto dre Mara
Race/Age: Changling / 26
Sex/Alignment: Male / Aberrant
Height/Weight: 5’11" / 180lbs
Land of Origin: Queen’s Cove
Environment: Various
Social/Family Background: Religious
Racial Hostilities: Trolls
Disposition: N/A

  • Personal
  • Important
  • The Paladin, “Ianto dre Mara” was a rightous, selfless, heroic human who was born in 259 EOI in Wall, Marq. Killed by a Troll in 282 EOI in Queens Cove, a Super Nova-like force ravaged the nearby land following his death. He leaves behind his friends, shipmates, and beloved Captain Verloren.
  • Growing up in the structured religious city of “Wall” was no childs dream, but in the “Town of Wall” Religious Leaders, Shop Owners, Fighters, among many other Townsfolk of all ranks and titles took role in raising the children, allowing each child to develop different skills and mold different men and women out of every one. But at the moment of Ianto’s birth, a rebirth of the town took place. Being who Ianto was, having the blood that ran through his veins, his ancestry, his divine origin, all shaped who he was to become, and this “rebirthing” of the town called on him to be shaped “differently” than the rest. A great and vile storm was coming, though maybe decades away, “Marq” had to be prepared. In the Year 258, A High Ranking Follower of Taiia in the “Church of Wall” named “Tiago” fell in love with a young seafaring woman during a time when such a human emotion, especially to someone outside the church was not only deemed a distraction by the church, it was dangerously dispised. When “The Church” discovered this outsider was pregnant they gave the couple two options based on the two ever differing faces of Taiia, although incredible difficult, a decision had to be made, first was the immediate destruction of this vile impure fetus, with this, the couple being forgiven and transgressions forgotten…..the other much, much different. This second option being the allowed birth of the child, and the brutal torture and killing of its parents….with this, a sort of “purification” would take place. Taiia herself would be summoned, burning the souls right from the bodies of these two betrayers, and granting a bit of herself to the child. And so..the decision was made, a blinding light that could be seen for countless miles, the horrible screams of Tiago and his love, as the town watched, their souls being ripped from their sinful bodies, thrashing about and being made an example of………and after…in what was, a bloody mess, a yard of meat, of entrails and splintered bone, writhing in a pool of blood, was a new child, one that was purified, and gleamed like the sun, like Taiia herself. This child as he grew was not looked upon as the Spawn of Sin, but as the Amnesty of Taiia. Treated as a bishop of sorts was the childhood of Ianto, both feared and treasured…like a weapon, a Living Sword of Taiia….or more appropriately a Trident. For two decades ianto was trained to be both a dangerous and fearless fighter, a loving and forgiving priest, and a role model for those following the Path of Taiia. Such a responsiblity was both an honor and a festering annoyance, ianto wanted to seek his purpose, not wait for it in this town no one barely ever left. By endorsement of Taiia he left Wall, seeking whatever his mad god had for him next. At almost the start of this new journey he found himself at the isle of Sin, a lawless town of chaos and destruction, qualities ianto had not ever expirienced in his short lifetime, but he drew on, fearless, only to find himself in the midst of a war between a pirate captain and a dwarf named gwen, this was exactly the oppertunity ianto needed to prove his worth to taiia, he stepped up proud and strong to face both sides, using both his charming features and soothing tongue to convince gwen to leave, and his impressive moves, and powerful weapons to strike the pirate to the ground. All (including ianto) were impressed by such a young warrior and his ability to end such a battle in mere minutes, and before ianto even had a chance to bask in this glory he was tricked…..pressganged by the “thought dead” captain and his crew, and brought aboard a ship….a pirates ship. Waking aboard this creaky vessel of evil, ianto has no choice but to play this all out, and see where this journey takes him, besides, he hadnt a clue where it would take him before. As they journeyed he found himself boarding many islands and cities of creatures and danger, fighting and risking death many times for the next year, making new friends, acquiring new items, and making history. Along the way claiming an item known as “The Find”, an item so magical, it could show him where anyone in his group was at all times, then meeting a strange powerful alchemist named “Joker”, both quirky and dangerous, searching pyramids for answers, then in the end finding priceless treasures. At the end of that year, ianto and the crew made their way to iantos home of Wall, the reunion unfortunetly was not a warm and welcome one. Two members of the crew start trouble with this lawful religious town and almost get themselves crucified, ianto tries talking to the guards and using his rank as way to get his friends free, it seems as though its going to work till another crew member named dragon foils this plan indefinitely. An explosion rocks this town, his home, it is time to leave and it needs to be soon, the captain takes the group and teleports them in to the middle of the desert, his destroyed home is miles away in mere seconds, they set off again, only to be reunited with the tall alchemist they had met monthes before, after a few words between the captain and joker the plan is clear, return to sin, for chaos has returned to the pirates town, and it must be avenged, so they do! After formulating a plan amongst the crew , ianto and others are magically turned invisible and sent into the town to gather survivors, unfortunetly the plans formulated by the captains crew never usually follow through as planned, after killing a few and saving a few more the crew arrive back at the ship, only to discover the captain and one of the women have not, after a brief discussion it is settled, they leave without them, sailing wherever their new captain takes them. Days go by, maybe weeks, maybe even months, ianto hasnt a clue, he wakes to the ship being crashed, waking to another fight, this time more dangerous, these are not humans hes fighting, they are wolves and trolls, a vicious fight takes place, one that almost claims his leg, when it subsides they make camp in the frozen wasteland to sleep, maybe this island will hold fortune and purpose for ianto, maybe the truth lies here. A depressing hurt comes over him, all this time he has spent, what has it been for, what name has he made for himself being a holyman among pirates, should he be someplace else? Was leaving Wall a mistake? The decisions that hes made, does he regret being too good, has he made too many rules for himself, has he limited his own potentional? Or has he sinned for just even thinking that way. So there he sat, in writhing pain, basking in sorrow. What was he to do next? He had to do it all different, become….something else, nobody had ever made history by following the rules, this was his epiphany, his rebirth, but how was it to start? He could barely walk, he wasnt sure if it was his drunkeness or the festering wolf bite in his thigh, but he walked any where, where was he going? He hadnt a clue but he walked anyway whilst the rest of his crew slept nearby. Hours later he awoke, in a near frozen pile of entrails, without moving he looked…..a troll, just feet away, he had to warn his team, but how? And with mere determination and a psyonic energy he had not felt before set fire to some brush, maybe the troll would be distracted by it long enough for ianto to run around and alert his friends, But it wasnt enough, it only awoke a crew member named roland who then went to investigate. This friend of iantos was now in more danger than ever, so ianto then alit the trolls head in flames, hoping maybe….just maybe that would get someones attention, it only angered the beast. Here ianto was, in panic, in danger, all that mattered was that his friends could be warned of the impending attack, his own safety no longer mattered, so he made his decision……he yelled..as loud as he could to his friend roland, finally, he noticed, he knew, the crew knew, they had been warned, they could prepare, the could fight, or escape, whatever had to be done, he had succeeded, they knew……but so did the troll, and in one quick move the troll raised his massive arms, high above his head, hands clasped togather, there was nothing ianto could do, but at least his crew was safe…..his friends, maybe this was his purpose all along, to save their lives, maybe this was what he was meant for, maybe that……was his divine purpose, in that moment, a moment of peace enveloped him, was their more? He would soon know. The troll brought down his hands upon a defenseless ianto, his thoughts left him, just a feeling…a knowing….a closeness….a oneness with a power so intense…so vibrant he could never describe it.

Ianto was Gone.

Ianto dre Mara

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