A prodigious monk with a quiet past, haunted by intensely disturbing visions.


Born in a quiet and loving family, Kelen was rarely without want during his childhood. However, even at a young age, he has periodically been wracked with nightmarish visions. One such vision, involving two enormous black dogs, enormous and frightening, chasing him through a fever dream, leaving him traumatized at the sight of most beasts.

When his parents heard about these visions, they brought him to the monastery, hoping that they could find a way to give Kelen peace of mind. While there, he proved himself gifted in both mind and body, all the while keeping a humble and selfless attitude about him.

But the visions haunt him still.

To discover the meaning of these hellish nightmares, Kelen sought out the head of the monastery. The head deemed him ready to return to the world, and sent him out with his blessing.

Determined to find answers, and armed with the monastery’s years of training, what will become of this soul?


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