"I am all i have now and i will find a new place for me in this world, let my brother and the village be damned for what they did to me."

  • Attributes
    IQ: 14
    ME: 14
    MA: 12
    PS: 14+1
    PP: 16
    PE: 16
    PB: 11
    SPD: 14*20+(1d6)5=285
  • Vitals & Combat
    HP/SDC: 33 / 55
    ISP/PPE: - / ??
    Number of Attacks/Initiative: ?? / ??
    Strike/Damage: ?? / ??
    Dodge/Parry/Roll: ?? / ?? / ??
  • Saves
    Save VS Magic/Ritual: ?? / ??
    Save VS Poisons/Drugs: ?? / ??
    Save VS Insanity/Possession: ?? / ??
    Save VS Horror Factor: ??
    Save VS Coma/Death: ??
  • Weapons & Armor
    Long Bow: 2D6 750 ft.
    Scimitar: 2D6
    Knife: 1D6

Studded Leather: AR 13, SDC 38, 20lbs, -5% Prowl,

  • Weapon Proficiencies & Skills
    modern weapons
    Siege weapons
    Sword: Str +2, +1 Par,
  • OCC Skills
    Native Language: Ein Elf = 98%
    Speak: Koin Human = 60%
    Speak: Troll = 60%
    athletics (general) (+1 punch or fall)
    Wilderness Survival = 50%
    hand to hand (basic)
  • Elective Skills
    Camouflage = 30%
    *surveillance = 40%
    *bonus:+5% to recognize others in disguise, and +5 % to detect ambush.
    use & recognize poisons = U32%/R24%
    Literacy = 50%
    Intelligence = 38%
    Skin & prepare Animal Hides = 45%
    Track & trap animals = 35%
    Prowl = 35%
  • Secondary Skills
    Detect Ambush = 40%
    Detect Concealment or trap = 35%
    climb/scale Walls = 50%
    Swimming = 50%
  • Special Skills
    superior bowmanship
    Dodge and parry arrows
  • Special Abilities
    Nightvision: 60ft
  • Psionics
  • Magic
  • Inventory
    On Hand: Long bow, quill of 32 arrows, scimitar, Knife
    Stored: 4 vials of poison inside a fitted wooden case, bedroll, tent (1 man), flint steel, tinder box, sharpening stone

Name/True name: SNAKES / Galdor Nargothrond
Race/Age: Ein Elf / 420
Sex/Alignment: Male / Scrupulous (Good)
Height/Weight: 6‘10’ / 160 lbs
Land of Origin: Kovayn
Environment: Plains and city
Social/Family Background: brother of the head elf in his village uncle of Silk Kiroh
Disposition: very quiet keeps to self


Galdor and his brother Maeglin were twins though not identical in fact they were as far from identical as one could be. Galdor was taller, lanky, had black hair, with pale skin, but had the most crystal blue eyes one could imagine. while Maeglin was a little shorter 6’4" and had a more stocky build, with brown hair, sun kissed skin, and had green eyes. Despite there physical differences they were both near equals in their wit and intelligence except galdor had one interest that his brother did not and that was with snakes he had a special appreciation for them, so much so he was able to nearly communicate with them through his feelings and moods.
Another skill that seperated the brothers was their combat abilities Maeglin was a extremely proficient with the sword as where Galdor was truly masterful with the long bow he had basic abilities with the sword but thew long bow was his weapon of choice by far. The brothers grew up always in competition with each other for they despised each other no one knows why not even them they just never got along and was always trying to outdo the other.

their father was chieftain of the village and was a great ruler everybody loved him and one day he fell ill and the only medicine known to be able to cure what he had could only be found in the polar region in a town called Lent so Galdor volunteered to make the journey to Lent. So he did though while on this journey his father passed away and since Galdor was away Maeglin was able to take the throne unopposed though there was a group who believed he should wait for his brothers return he argued that it was a state of emergency and their needed to be a chief and who knows when his brother would return if at all. Three weeks later Galdor returned triumphetly with medicine in hand only to hear the news moments later crushed by the news he went to his brother in disbelief and all was revealed to him and he demanded a fair chance to sit the throne which his brother denied saying that it had already been decided. Enraged Galdor struck his brother squarely in the jaw and was immediately seized by guards and charged with treason and was stripped of title and rights and family crested sword removed and banished from the village.


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