Vyn Il'ayari

A wise and curious child whose sight is not limited by the obvious.


IQ: 15
ME: 19
MA: 12
PS: 12
PP: 14
PE: 14
PB: 10
SPD: 13

Vitals & Combat
HP/SDC: 26 / 5
ISP/PPE: 119 / 98
Number of Attacks/Initiative: 2 / ??
Strike/Damage: 0 / ??
Dodge/Parry/Roll: +2 / +2 / +2

Save VS Magic/Ritual: ?? / ??
Save VS Poisons/Drugs: ?? / ??
Save VS Insanity/Possession: +2 / +4
Save VS Horror Factor: +2
Save VS Coma/Death: ??

Weapons & Armor
Cane Sword: 1D6 +2
Cane Sheath: 1D6
???: AR ??, SDC ??, ??lbs, -?% Prowl,

Weapon Proficiencies & Skills
Blunt Weapons: Str +2, Par +2
Swords: Str +2, Par +1
Paired Weapons

OCC Skills
Native Language: Ein Elvish = 98%
Speak: Kovayn = 55%/5%
Speak: Troll = 55%/5%
Dowsing = 25%/5%
Land Navigation = 40%/4%
Math: Basic = 65%/5%
Hand to Hand = Basic

OCC Elective Skills
Literacy: Ein Elvish = 40%/5%
Literacy: Kovayn = 40%/5%
Literacy: Zane Elvish 40%/5%
Lore: Demons and Monsters = 35%/5%
Lore: Undead = 35%/5%
Lore: Magic = 35%/15%/10%/5%
Lore: Religion = 40%/5%

OCC Secondary Skills
Anthropology = 20%/5%
Archeology = 20%/5%
Lore: Fairy Folk 25%/5%

Clairvoyance: 4 ISP
Commune with Spirits: 8 ISP
Deaden Pain: 4 ISP
Exorcism: 10 ISP
Meditation: 0 ISP
Mind Block: 4 ISP
Object Read: 6 ISP
Presence Sense: 4 ISP
Sense Evil: 2 ISP
Sense Psionics: 6 ISP
Sixth Sense: 2 ISP

Death Trance: 1 PPE
Decipher Magic: 4 PPE
Detect Concealment: 6 PPE
Mystic Alarm: 5 PPE
See Aura: 6 PPE
See Invisible: 6 PPE
See Wards: 8 PPE
Sense Magic: 4 PPE
Sense Traps: 7 PPE
Turn Dead: 6 PPE

On Hand:
Cane Sword & Sheath
Stuffed Doll


“You say I am only a child, but I guarantee, in my few years, I have experienced more than most will ever know. You point to my missing eye, but I have seen more of reality than most eyes will ever behold. You say I’m handicapped, but my spirit is fit to handle the heaviest of burdens. My mind is quick. My eye is observant. My spirit is powerful. My body, well, it is merely an imperfect shell for something bigger.”

Name: Vyn
True Name: Vynthiel Nen Il’ayari
Race: Elf
Age: 102
Height: 4’2"
Weight: 71 lbs

Vyn’s round face, soft features, and short stature display his relatively young age for an elf, though he appears as a ten year old boy by human standards. Aside from his childlike appearance, one’s eye may be immediately drawn to a narrow, ebony eyepatch covering left eye and to the boy’s right hand grasping thick, heavy walking cane which acts as a third leg, softening a limp as he walks. One who does not know this boy might assume he is blind when examining his remaining eye’s cold, steely gray hue, but this theory is dismissed as Vyn’s gaze examines his surroundings with care. This elven child’s medium-length, tousled brown hair hiding his pointed ears is evidence the boy’s concern for his appearance is hardly pressing.

A smile often crosses the elf’s face, complimenting his boyish features, and his laughter is contagious. However, when Vyn examines reality beyond the obvious, the smile may fade and his round face may grow solemn. In the face of evil, the boy may be visibly startled and any aura of naivety he may have emitted fades. Frequently found in the boy’s embrace is a small stuffed doll, one with an eye patch, matching that of his own. Vyn handles the doll with care, as if it is his most prized possession and source of comfort in troubling times.

Vyn Il'ayari

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