Titan Strife

A dark and mysterious entity that weilds a greatsword as large as he with power of which no mere mortal posses.

  • Attributes
    IQ: 6
    ME: 6
    MA: 10
    PS: 33
    PP: 14
    PE: 18
    PB: 9
    SPD: 21
  • Vitals & Combat
    HP/SDC: 37 / 49
    ISP/PPE: - / 29
    Number of Attacks/Initiative: 6 / 0
    Strike/Damage: 0 / +18
    Dodge/Parry/Roll: +2 / +2 / +3
  • Saves
    Save VS Magic/Ritual: +1 / 0
    Save VS Poisons/Drugs: +1 / 0
    Save VS Insanity/Possession: 0 / 0
    Save VS Horror Factor: 0
    Save VS Coma/Death: +6%
  • Weapons & Armor
    Flameberge: 3D6
    Short Sword: 2D4
    Longbow: 2D6, 640ft
    Silver Throwing Dagger: 1D6, 30ft
    Holy Stars: 1D2, 10ft
    Half-Plate: AR 14, SDC 60, 20lbs, -5% Prowl,
  • Weapon Proficiencies & Skills
    Short Sword: Str +2, Par +1,
    Large Sword: Str +2,
  • OCC Skills
    Native Language: Mailique Human = 98%
    Literacy: Mailique Human = 98%
    Lore: Undead = 65%
    Lore: Demon & Devil = 65%
    Wilderness Survival = 75%
    Climb/Scale Walls = 75%
  • Elective Skills
    Running = -
    Horsemenship: General = 60/45%
    Intelligence = 65%
    Prowl = 58%
    Hunting = -
    Track & Trap Animals = 45/55%
    Pick Locks = 60%
    Pick Pockets = 50%
  • Secondary Skills
    Swimming = 75%
    Speak: Demon = 65%
    Athetics General = -
    Body Building & Weight Lifting = -
    Wrestling = -
    Recognize Poison = 55/47%
    Camoflage = 55%
    Astronomy & Navigation = 62%
    Public Speaking = 62%
    Legal Knowledge = 75%
  • Special Skills
  • Special Abilities
    Super-Human Strength
    Vairoar Bloodlust: ME Check saves, ME= Attempts, Failure means Blackout for 2d4 Hours,
  • Psionics
  • Magic
    Decipher Magic: 4 PPE
    Globe of Daylight: 2 PPE
    See the Invisible: 4 PPE
    Sense Magic: 4 PPE
    Turn Dead: 6 PPE
    Armor of Ithan: 10 PPE
    Sense Traps: 7 PPE
    Carpet of Adhesion: 10 PPE
    Circle of Flame: 10 PPE
    Size of the Behemoth: 12 PPE
    Call Lightening: 15 PPE
    Fire Ball: 10 PPE
    Reduce Self: 20 PPE
    Tongues: 12 PPE
  • Inventory
    On Hand: Small Mallet, Wooden Stakes, Necklace with Silver Holy Symbol, Notebook, Ink, Crow Quill Pen, Back Pack, Belt, Small Sack (x4), Tinderbox,
  • Basics
    Name/True name: Titan / Titan Strife
    Race/Age: Malique Human / 21 years old
    Sex/Alignment: Male / ???
    Height/Weight: 6’ / 250lbs
    Land of Origin: Queen’s Cove, Lent
    Environment: Hostile Tundra
    Social/Family Background: Viking
    Racial Hostilities:
    Disposition: Titan’s mind is one of great conflict. The demon within him begs for blood, carnage and chaos. Luckily for the world, Titan has the upper hand over his inner demon. He is a bit quick to attack and ask questions later. The bonds he make with his friends is stronger than any being could dare to be. Once he has accepted someone and he let’s them into his shrouded life he will protect them at any cost and against all odds. Titan just might be on the strongest huamns in existence. His only weakness would be his pride in his strength; a few times it has left him open and defenseless.
  • Personal
    Titan is a rather large individual, standing at 6’0" tall, and weighing in at 250 lbs. His body frame is large and quite muscular, perfect for physical combat and handling his very large sword. Titan has the appearance of a young man in his early twenties. Atop his head, Titan has long straight hair that is a medium brown color. His hair hangs just past his broad shoulders. Around his head he wears a solid black headband. It is worn under his hair and it covers his entire forehead to his eyebrows. The band’s two black tails hang freely, flowing down the length of his hair. His eyes are a deep blue. He has a grizzled warrior look with his facial hair. The thickest part of his facial hair forms a thin outline of his jaw stretching from sideburn to sideburn. He also has a goatee with the same thickness as the hair along his jawline. On his chest, he wears a half-plate. It is such a deep black in color that it almost appears to be an empty void. His right arm is completely covered by the single sleeve of his undershirt. On his right wrist he wears a thin cloth arm-guard that stretches from just above his elbow and connects to the glove he wears on his right hand. The arm-guard is just as black as the undershirt and armor is. In contrast to his right arm, Titan’s left arm is completely bare save for the black cloth wrapping around his elbow that extends from his lower bicep to just below the elbow to his upper forearm. On his left hand he wears a fingerless black glove that extends about two inches up his wrist from the base of his hand. Titan wears a sleeveless dark brown long vest over his armor. Around his waist Titan wears a large and thick black leather belt. It’s there to support the dark tan pants he wears. On his feet he wears a large pair of black boots.


  • Important

Titan Strife

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